Black Garlic products

The executive chef of Black Garlic Gregory Chelmis using only premium materials creates a variety of dishes based on the uniqueness of black garlic. The intention is to bring out all the hidden aspects of this super food. The raw materials come from farmers who produce with respect to nature and their products. And the result is unique.

Black Garlic “Caviar”

Combination of Black Garlic, coffee and honey, made into caviar shape with “Agar-Agar”. They give a different tone in canapé and bites, creative taste in sushi, impressive appearance as the last finish in serving dishes, or as an ingredient in salad dressing, all of them give a pleasant surprise in the mouth.

Honey with Black Garlic

Two super foods combined together, black garlic and honey create a dip which greatly fits with cheeses and cold cuts. Use it to make a crust on roasted meat or fish, as an ingredient in sweet and sour recipes, mixed with mayonnaise and mustard makes spread on sandwich and burger or like a dressing in salads. Be creative and try it also on fresh fruit.

Black Garlic Powder

Dried and crushed black garlic turn in to powder. Used as a condiment in salads, soups, risotto, pasta, black garlic butter for the meat sauces, in marinades for grilled meats. Be creative and try it as a component in a cocktail recipe.

Black Garlic Cheese

The DownVillage farm along with Karakanas Diary products, created the "Mavroskordato". Using the traditional D.O.P recipe for the Kaseri of Volos, mixed with powdered black garlic and stays to mature for at least five months.

Whole peeled cloves

Whole peeled cloves can be used in pesto for pasta sauces, in risotto, as spreads for sandwiches or burgers, as a salad dressing. Using whole peeled cloves give another dimension to the tzatziki. Blend sauces for the fish or meat in order to give characteristic body and aroma.


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