What Is Black Garlic?

Already registered as a “Super Food” because of its antioxidant power and nearly double nutritional and healing properties in opposition to the common white garlic, Black Garlic is gaining space in gastronomy and healthy food. It is produced from the common white garlic and it first appeared in Japan, Korea and Thailand and the last few years it has become extremely popular in the West, especially in the USA.

Properties - Nutritional facts

Everything about the properties and the nutritional facts of the Black Garlic. You can get informed for every aspect of this super food.

Black Garlic Products

All of the Black Garlic products. Explore the latest creations of our executive chef Greg Chelmis.

How it turns from white to black

Externally, Black Garlic preserves the white garlic leaves and only when someone peels it, its black color gets revealed, a food with countless useful properties for the human organism.

We at DownVillage, with respect to the final product and only with co-operating farms, we use only biological garlic, grown with the best practices in the nearby farms in order to guarantee a raw material like no other.

For the production of the Black Garlic, we first started our experiments in 2011 and after exhausting tests in almost all of the domestic garlic varieties and some of the major Mediterranean producers (Spain, Italy) and of course a series of countless quality tests, we ended up with a fully automated procedure that uses state of the art heating chambers under the cause of several weeks in high temperature and humidity and then some more for a curing stage, the result is a Black Garlic like no other.

During this production process we do not use any additives or preservatives of any kind whatsoever, making Black Garlic a totally natural product with sweet and Smokey flavor. The intense smell and the spicy taste of the white garlic has completely vanished during the production. So it is a perfect candidate for pasta, risotto, meat and all sorts of marinades, salads and any recipe that would require white garlic.

Black Garlic has twice the antioxidant power that common garlic has, providing the human organism with a powerful ally against free roots. Antioxidants are indispensable for the correct function of a person’s immune system and aging prevention. Free roots can harm human cells, lead to cardiac disease, Alzheimer's and cancer.

S-allylcysteine, a white garlic ingredient which is water soluble, helps in better absorption of alicine, a fat soluble substance from the human organism and in black garlic it is found double in concentration, is considered to help in cholesterol reduction and cancer prevention. Also helping with the reduction of blood pressure, cholesterol levels and blood circulation as well as the antibiotic, antimicrobial properties followed by studies that show anti-cancer properties and reduction of the Alzheimer’s disease symptoms, make Black Garlic the perfect natural and healthy food supplement.

Where to buy Black Garlic?

Black Garlic Downvillage is for sale at the e-shop premiumfoods.shop. There you will find all of the black garlic products as well as discounts and some food products in limited edition. Do not forget when entering the e-shop to register for an account because the prices are different for every country of the European Union.


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