4 premium handmade products, always with respect to the tradition and using raw materials only from our region. Anything cultivated in our farm contains no chemicals and everything happens under natural conditions at an altitude of 380 meters.

Black Garlic

Already categorised as a Super Food bebause of it's anti oxidant power and double of nutritional and healing properties when compared to the regular, white garlic. Black Garlic has already made a significant presence in the field of gastronomy and healthy diet.

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Cured Meat

Depending on the demand, raw, materials and the season, because cured meats need special conditions to mature. We use Pork, Lamb, fresh herbs and fine seasoning.

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In Down Village when the season is rigt, we produce some exceptional varieties of mushrooms. Our primary varieties of mushrooms are Shiitake, Nameko, Pleurotus Ostreatus and Pleurotus Citrinopielatus.

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Depending on the season, in Down Village we produce a little bit more specialized varieties of vegetables in cooperation with chefs from all over Greece.

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