Experimental farm of mushrooms and black garlic

A look into the future ...

Down Village is an experimental farm in Katihori Pelion, 9 km. from the center of Volos, just below the village Portaria in Greece.
Founded in early 2012 by Panagiotis Ganotis, produces Black Garlic, Mushrooms, Cured meats and some seasonal vegetables.Moreover some experimental distillations of alcoholic beverages are taking place on our traditional copper still. In the farm's workshop Mr. P.Ganotis has developed new chambers and incubators for mushrooms and Black Garlic, using 3D printing, microcontrollers and sensors.

Seasonal Products Only

In DownVillage you will find vegetables and seasonal products. Produced with care and respect for nature makes them incomparably delicious.

Good Farming Practices

We use proper cultivation methods and only organic fertilizers and compost.

Environmentally friendly

From the field to our packaging, everything is environmentally friendly with low carbon footprint.

Where to find us

With the exception of Black Garlic, products of DownVillage are sold in the local market and in cooperation with selected restaurants and processors.

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Contact Information

Ganotis Panagiotis
+30 698 0491267
+31 061 6867218

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